What is included in the lease payment?

The payment includes insurance, warranty and bike insurance for 24 months, i.e. for the entire duration of the leasing contract.

Is it possible to buy the bikes at the end of the operating lease?

Yes, you will know the purchase price when you sign the operating lease agreement. In case you are not interested in buying the bike, you will only return the bike according to the contract without any penalties.

Is the warranty really 24 months?

Yes, in cooperation with our partners, the bikes come with a 24-month warranty for entrepreneurs and legal entities.

What happens if the prescribed service intervals are not followed? Does this affect the warranty?

This does not affect the warranty, but you will be charged for consumables (such as cables, chain or brake pads) during your occasional service visit. If the bike is regularly serviced according to the prescribed service intervals, you will receive a free full service including consumables. The only exceptions are tyres and flat tyre repairs – you always pay for these.

What are the requirements for insuring a bike?

Insurance is an integral part of operating lease payments – just as it is with a car. The bike needs to be secured with any lock. In the event of theft, you must report the incident to the police and write a theft report. We are happy to advise you in the event of theft and are available on the contact details listed on our website.

I have no means of storing the bike. Can you solve this problem for me?

Yes, we would be happy to. As part of our premium services, we offer storage of bikes for the winter. Simply deliver your bike to our contracted service centre where we will perform an out-of-season inspection, store the bike, and have it ready for the start of your cycling season in the spring. All without the hassle and stress!

Can accessories be included in the repayment price?

Yes. Currently, the stands, charger and GPS locators can be included in the operating lease payments. If you buy the bikes after the end of the operating lease, you will also buy the accessories together with the bikes.

How is an operating lease payment expensed?

You can put the full amount of the payment towards your costs and, if you are a VAT payer, you are also entitled to a full refund of the VAT deduction.

Is the servicing included in the instalments?

It is not an automatic part of the instalments, but we will be happy to prepare a proposal of the scope and calculation of the servicing package for the whole 24 months, which will be budgeted into the monthly instalments.

How is this servicing provided?

Your bike is serviced at a contract service centre in your vicinity (by mutual agreement).

It can also take the form of a mobile service where the bike is serviced, for example, at your company’s headquarters. You can also choose a form of pick-up service where we take the bikes away and bring them back. The cost of the service team trip or pick-up is not included in the servicing package and is billed directly to the customer based on actual costs.

Can I purchase company bicycles as employee benefits?

Yes, you can find all the possibilities offered by the current Czech legislation on our website in the section EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, including tax benefits for both employees and employers.


Our project also includes an exclusive showroom and an electric bike shop. This space is also used for presentations, events, or workshops in conjunction with test rides on top quality electric bikes.

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