Bike storage facilities / shelters

We will prepare a comprehensive design for your company, including the project and its subsequent implementation.
We will design shelters for exteriors, including a possible photovoltaic solution.


We provide comprehensive servicing for your fleet, both in the form of mobile servicing and servicing at our service locations. We will pick up the bikes and bring them back after the servicing.
Servicing costs can be included in the operating lease payments.

Chargers / Stands / Mobile Apps

We can equip your bike storage facilities or outdoor shelters with stands and chargers from our wide range, including professional installation and commissioning.
We will also supply a mobile app that allows you to control and manage the entire charging and locking management.
The cost of chargers, stands and the mobile app can be included in the operating lease payments.


We will install GPS modems in the bikes, which will allow you to have a comprehensive overview of your fleet and, at the same time, allow you to keep electronic trip logbooks.
The cost of the GPS can be included in the operating lease payments.

Bicycle Assistance

We will add a free BICYCLE ASSISTANCE from our partner, GLOBAL ASISSTANCE, to every bike.
Ride completely worry-free. We will fix any faults on your bike on the spot or we will take you up to 50 km back to your home or hotel and your bike to the service centre where you can pick it up again after the repair.


We will insure your bikes with our contractual partner. They will be secured against theft from the building, open space or car. The insurance covers theft, vandalism, accidental damage, destruction or damage in transit. The deductible is 10% and the policy covers the whole world.
The insurance is already automatically included in the instalment payments.

Winter Storage

We have news for you! Do you not have the opportunity to store your bikes for the winter in your company or at home?
We offer you a storage service.

The service includes an initial autumn inspection, comprehensive care of your bikes and batteries exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions throughout the winter and, of course, a full spring warranty inspection before your first ride.
Winter storage is offered from 31 October to March or as agreed. We will be happy to come to pick up your bike in the fall and bring it back to you in the spring.
Winter storage costs can be included in the operating lease payments.

Tax Advisory

If you are purchasing SERVICE BICYCLES or BICYCLES AS BENEFITS for your company, our tax advisor is available to help you set up rules and guidelines, including communication with your finance and HR department, free of charge.