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I am interested in a company bike, a service bike, or a bike as a benefit.

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Choose accessories in our e-shop and pay in instalments.

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You are just enjoying your bicycle

All the care is provided by the leasing company.

No up-front

You do not tie up your funds.

Guaranteed amount of instalments

Throughout the repayment period, avoiding unplanned expenses.

and liability

The instalment always includes insurance, a 2-year warranty, and bike assistance.


You can include the cost of servicing, GPS, mobile app, chargers, stands…

Buying or exchanging
for a new one

At the end of the lease, you can exchange the bikes for new models or buy them at the residual value

Recommended accessories

24 monthly instalments
31 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
22 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
33 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
36 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
36 excl. VAT
pedalpoint ebike
24 monthly instalments
250 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
43 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
92 excl. VAT
24 monthly instalments
84 excl. VAT


Our project also includes an exclusive showroom and an electric bike shop. This space is also used for presentations, events, or workshops in conjunction with test rides on top quality electric bikes.

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Evropská 125
261 01 Příbram
Czech Republic
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Sídlo společnosti

Kolonaoperak s.r.o.
Company registration number: 09926950
Tax registration number: CZ09926950

Klínec 169,
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy

We will be happy to prepare a sample fleet calculation according to your requirements and explain all the details of the service we offer.

Partner Shops

Take advantage of our partners’ shops

We have prepared a clear map with places where you can buy and pick up your new bike on operating lease.

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Comprehensive Eco-System

For your fleet, we also provide:

Bike Holders
and stands
and stations
trip logbook
Bike Winter